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Vitafizz Magnesium contains a high dose of magnesium which helps in nerves and muscles function and necessary for every major biological process. It contains additionally all the most important vitamins of the B complex family, which are known for being vital for a healthy nervous system and that possesses many other roles in maintaining good health. Vitafizz magnesium contains only natural colorants and is suitable for hypertensives and diabetics. The excellent combination of Magnesium and B complex vitamins is recommended for people who are stressed, suffer from migraines and muscular cramps.

-Muscle Cramps
-Alcohol consumption

Vitafizz, Maspex, European Union (EU)
Magnesium is a key element responsible for various activities in the body's everyday proper functioning. It helps in nerves and muscles function and is a sound regulator of calcium flow within cells. More importantly, it assists in the production of energy at cellular level and have been shown clinically to fight depression.

It also stimulates the cardio-vascular system and decreases the probability of heart attacks. Magnesium has been found to prevent accumulation and formation of renal stones and gall stones.

Magnesium Deficiencies:
Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, confusion, loss of coordination, and occasionally fatal convulsions.
Dissolve 1 Vitafizz Magnesium effervescent tablet in a half-glass of cold water. It is recommended to consume 1 effervescent tablet daily.
Vitafizz Magnesium is packed in plastic tubes of 10 effervescent tablets each.
Serving Size: 1 Effervescent Tablet
Serving per container: 10 Effervescent Tablets
Magnesium    150 mg    50 %
Vitamin C    60 mg    100 %
Niacin    18 mg    100 %
Vitamin E    10 mg    100 %
Pantothenic Acid    6 mg    100 %
Vitamin B-6    2 mg    100 %
Vitamin B-2    1,6 mg    100 %
Vitamin B-1    1,4 mg    100 %
Biotin    150 mcg    100 %
Folic acid    200 mcg    100 %
Vitamin B-12    1,0 mcg    100 %

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