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If you feel calcium is lacking in your body, this product will certainly suit you. Calcium is essential for the strengthening of teeth and bones. It is especially important for the reduction of the risk of osteoporosis. Omega-D calcium contains a high source of calcium free from sugar. One daily dose consists of 2 calcium tablets and 1 omega fish oil capsules. Fish oil also contains the daily 100% requirement of vitamin D, which helps fixing the calcium onto bone. It is very important to have vitamin D for the body to efficiently utilize calcium.

Lysi HF, Iceland.
An icelandic research has shown that it is possible to reduce the risk of osteporosis by taking enough vitamin D and calcium. Vitamin D is the ingredient which is most lacking in the diet and it is therefore crucial to take either fish oil or a vitamin D supplement to ensure adequate intake, especially when exposure to sun is rare. Vitamin D is vital for the body to efficiently utilize calcium. Research has shown that those who drink little or no milk and consume only small amounts of dairy products are not getting enough calcium. In those circumstances calcium supplements are recommended and capsules that contain vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil are therefore ideal.

Additional Informations:
The oil meets all official regulations in regards to environmental contaminants.The oil is available in accordance with all major pharmacopoeias.
1 daily dose of Omega D & Calcium:

To take 1 Calcium tablet + 1 Omega capsule in the morning and 1 Calcium tablet during the day or at night.

If you are on any anti-coagulants (blood thinning agents e.g warfarin, heparin, etc), please consult your doctor as any product containing omega-3 has got some natural anti-coagulant properties.
Omega+D & Calcium contains 5 blister strips of 6 doses each ( 12 calcium tablets + 6 omega capsules). Total 30 doses ( 60 calcium tablets + 30 omega capsules) in 1 box.

Serving Size: 1 Dose:2 calcium tablet and 1 Omega fish Oil capsule
Calcium Carbonate    800 mg    100 %
Eicosapentanoic acid EPA    145 mg    *
Docosahexanoic acid DHA    95 mg    *
Vitamin E    2 mg    20 %
Vitamin D    10 µg    100 %

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