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This version of bendable fork is light, handy and re-usable for those who have restricted movements at the wrist and arm. Very useful to help one becoming self-dependent with regards to his/her eating patterns. This is one of our best selling product as those who purchased this item have thanked us for being now a fully dependent person and not relying on anyone else to assist in eating anymore.

-Easy To Bend To Your Ideal Angle

United Kingdom (U.K)
The bendable fork is the perfect bendable eating utensil for those with upper extremity weakness or impaired range of motion. Made from resistant stainless steel, this product allows the user to easily hand-bent to the left or the right at any angle comfortable to his/her needs. 
The built-up handle is contoured and textured, making it easy to have a firm grip and comfortable to use for people with wrist or hand restrictions.  A tab on the end is used to attach the wrist strap, which comes with the bendable fork free of charge. The handle is made of polypropylene and can be easily removed for proper washing if need be.

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