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Malleogib ankle orthosis ® Strap is suitable for achieving those ankle seeking retention with rapid deployment.

 The Malleogib ® Strap 1 is recommended for:
- External mild sprains, rehabilitation phase (after plaster and surgery, sports recovery phase).


- Original system patented dynamic external call to anti-varus effect to promote healing.
- Pictogram signage for easy set up.
- Class 3 Compression for good support proprioceptive.
- Protection ankle against impact and wear.


What is a sprain?

A sprain is an injury to one or more ligaments without displacement of the joint (dislocation). The injury can range from a simple stretch (mild sprain) to total rupture (severe sprain) through the tear of some beams (moderate sprain). Ligaments connect one bone to another to form a joint. They consist of several beams and are very extensible. When trauma (shock counter movement), the joint can find itself in a position that goes beyond its natural amplitude, resulting in a painful lesion. The mild sprain is also called "strain".

What is an ankle sprain? 

An ankle sprain is injury to the ligaments or one of the ligaments of the ankle joint: external lateral ligament, medial collateral ligament, tibiofibular ligament (astragalus). The most common sprain affects the external lateral ligament. It can occur in various sporting activities (basketball, running) or simply while walking with inappropriate footwear (heel). The foot twists inward while the leg remains in place. All the weight of the body is on the twisted ankle ligaments are stretched beyond their limits and this is the sprain. Attention, ankle sprain can sometimes be associated with ankle fracture.

Orthopedic treatment

The ankle and ankle stabilizing splints have several therapeutic effects, ranging from decreasing pain (analgesia) to healing the / ligament (s). The ligaments are rested and are no longer subjected to excessive mechanical stress caused by walking or false movements. Unlike ankle supports (made of elastic fabric), stabilizer ankle braces are rigid and are for the most serious sprains. The ankle, in turn, secure the joint, increase alertness, improves sensation and muscle performance (only for infringement traumatic). Wearing an ankle may also be advised prevention during the resumption of sporting activity after trauma.

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