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The collar Miami J ® is adapted to the shape according to the morphology of the patient. It allows an important asset with comfort.

 The Miami J ® is recommended for:

- Medical pathology (PR, metastases, spondylitis).


What is cervical spondylosis?

Cervical arthrosis is chronic wear of cartilage between the cervical vertebrae (in the posterior articular processes), that is to say, it is localized in the neck. It occurs most often in their forties with pain at the base of the neck (between C4 and C7). Pain growing up as the cartilage wear. The neck stiffens and head movements are becoming more and more difficult.

The pain may radiate to the neck, shoulder and arm due to the appearance of osteophytes (anarchic development of new bone matter) which compress the spinal nerve roots. Osteophytes can also compress the vertebral arteries and cause dizziness. It can also go unnoticed without any pain or any physical disability. It is common in people who work the head bent forward, such as a keyboard. It is present in all individuals with greater or lesser degrees, but predominates in women. It is also called "cervical spondylosis".


• 4 support points
  For secure immobilization.

• Important part rear
  Comfortable foam for enhanced asset for extended wear.

• Front panel with tracheotomy hole
  Care practice.

Orthopedic treatment:

The orthopedic solution main objective the reduction of pain. Wearing a foam cervical collar (C1) keeps local heat (analgesic effect). The cervical collar partly supports the weight of the head and relaxes the muscles; this reduces the stresses exerted on the cervical joints. Maintaining in a good position requires good adaptation of the height and circumference of the cervical collar. It is important to accept wearing the cervical collar during painful crises. Any reluctance can easily be compensated by way of tricks such as wearing a scarf or a turtleneck.

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