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Omegaflex DUO is an advanced multi-action formula combining glucosamine & calcium capsules with marine EPA fish oil and GLA, designed to provide comprehensive support for joint and bone health. This unique supplement replenishes vital nutrients that nourish the synovial fluid, support collagen synthesis and form the building blocks for cartilage and bone tissue renewal. Important fatty acids provide anti-inflammatory support and offer relief from pain and discomfort.

Igennus, Cambridge UK

Natural anti-inflammatory actions

► Aids renewal and support of bone and joint tissue

► Hypoallergenic glucosamine hydrochloride (non-shellfish-derived)

► Novel source of bioavailable algae-derived calcium with trace minerals (no heart health contraindications)

► Patented pure marine EPA & GLA formulation for synergistic anti-inflammatory benefits

► Botanical antioxidant triterpenes from virgin evening primrose oil

► DUO capsule formula


Directions for use:

  • For general wellbeing: adults and children aged twelve years and over should take 2 glucosamine & calcium capsules (blue blister) and 1 E-EPA 70 capsule daily (silver blister).
  • For individuals who are especially active or those who require additional joint & bone support in later life: take 4 glucosamine & calcium capsules and 2 E-EPA 70 capsules daily. 


Serving per container: 90 capsules

Serving size

Amount per serving


Glucosamine & calcium capsules - 2 capsules



Glucosamine hydrochloride

700 mg


Algas Calcareas minerals

646 mg


of which calcium

210 mg


Vitamin C

40 mg



10 mg


Vitamin D3

5 mcg


† Highly bioavailable source compared with standard calcium supplements

E-EPA 70 capsules - 1 capsule



5.5 Kcal


Total fat

498 mg


of which saturated fat

33 mg


of which polyunsaturated fat

410 mg


of which monounsaturated fat

55 mg



158 mg



0 mg


EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)

280 mg


GLA (gamma-linolenic acid)

9 mg


Vitamin E (as mixed tocopherols)

1 mg*


*10% of EU RDA




If taking any medication, seek professional medical advice before taking this product. EPA thins the blood, which is a desirable effect for the circulatory system. If, however, you are taking any medication that thins the blood, do not take this product without prior medical advice. Pregnant or lactating women and children under twelve years should not take glucosamine hydrochloride.This product should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. Allergen information: contains fish.

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