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Dehydration in children:
Every day, in normal conditions, we lose a certain amount of liquid (electrolyte) from the body through sweat, tears, urine, stool, exhaled air and water evaporation from the surface of the body. 
Such a loss of fluids and electrolytes is normal and is compensated, regular intake of food and water in the body.

How to recognize a dehydrated child ? 
If your child has a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or only, excessive sweating during hot days or more during some physical activity (more children), 
be sure to recognize the signs dehidtratacije with him at the time: 

• Suva sticky mouth 
• Coated, dry tongue 
• Little or even a little bit of tears during crying 
• "Inflammation" eyes 
• Depressed fontanelle (the soft part of the top of the baby's head) 
• Reduction of urination, or reducing the number of wet diapers (dark and scanty urine) 
• Dry , cold skin 
• Restlessness or irritability 
• Weakness, fatigue, dizziness - in older children

Rehidrata-t is an oral serum, a food supplement for use in the case of dehydration and loss of electrolytes, which nice and irresistible flavors.
Contains a formulation with an essential balance of electrolytes and glucose to aid in the absorption of electrolytes in case of deficiency state of the same.
Rehidrata-t is a leader in oral rehydration in gel’s form.
The new presentation mode in “sachet” enables that can be consumed frozen, because you don’t lose ther properties, and may offer to the child in the form of dessert or ice cream.
In oncology lets you combat the symptoms of mucositis, when consumed in the form of ice cream.
Gel texture. The product is not frozen crystals giving it a soft texture and nice.
Oral rehydration is an effective treatment and low cost.
The raw material used proviene of plant origin.
Our policy complies with the recommendations of composition marked by WHO and ESPGHAN.
Its main function is rehydrate.


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