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Vitafizz Vitamin C effervescent formula contains a high amount of Vitamin C to boost up the immune system and improves the overall condition of human organism. It contains only natural colorants and is suitable for diabetics too. So,if your body is lacking vitamin C, this product will surely help.

-Ideal For Seasonal Flu

Vitafizz, Maspex, European Union (EU)
Vitamin C, is also referred to as ascorbic acid which  is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body against pollutants, toxins and free radicals.

Ascorbic acid also promotes healthy cell development, proper calcium absorption, normal tissue growth and repair - such as healing of wounds and burns. It assists in the prevention of blood clotting and bruising, and strengthening the walls of the capillaries.

Vitamin C is needed for healthy gums, to help protect against infection, and assisting with clearing up infections and is thought to enhance the immune system and help reduce cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and preventing arteriosclerosis.

Vitamin C Deficiency:
When there is a shortage of Vitamin C, various problems can arise, although scurvy is the only disease clinically treated with vitamin C. However, a shortage of vitamin C may result in "pinpoint" hemorrhages under the skin and a tendency to bruise easily, poor wound healing, soft and spongy bleeding gums and loose teeth.

Water retention also happens with a shortage of vitamin C. Moreover, general weakness, lack of energy, poor digestion, painful joints and bronchial infection and colds are also indicative of an under-supply.

Dissolve 1 Vitafizz Vitamin C in half glass of cold water. It is recommended to consume 1 effervescent tablet a day.
Vitafizz Vitamin C is packed in a plastic tube of 10 effervescent tablets each.
Serving Size: 1
Serving per container: 10
Ascorbic acid    500 mg    833.5%

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