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When we want to lose weight, we usually try to go either on a low fat diet or to increase the amount of weekly exercise. However, it is not easy to eat foods low in fat, all the time since everyone is faced with social responsibilities like eating at a restaurant, getting invited to a party and so on. Now you can lose weight even with those high fat foods, with the help of Fat Eliminator. Fat Eliminator helps you not to absorb the fats and makes them pass through your system, without being digested. You must have been wondering that what is so special about Fat Eliminator, when they are so many fat Fat Eliminators on the market. Our Fat Eliminator comes with a unique blend of a combination of LipoSanULTRA and Vitamin C. Both of those ingredients have a unique purpose in the absorption of dietary fats.

-Fats Trapped In Gel Form, So No Oily Discharge!!
-Contains All Natural LipoSanULTRA"
-Eliminate Fat, Lose Weight
-Fast Working Fat Binder
-Absorbs Up To 300% More Fat
-Easy To Use
-Non Stimulant
-Non Central Nervous System Acting

Arizona, U.S.A.
How Does Fat Eliminator Work: 
As you must probably be aware natural Chitin (Chitosan) is a substance that binds to dietary fat, but takes an hour to become readily soluble in stomach acid and need to be taken in very high doses in order to be effective. Surprisingly, researches have been able to add 10% succinic acid (a food additive) to natural chitin and the whole process being acetylated yielding a new compound that binds to dietary fat 3-5 times more than natural chitin and that can be taken easily before a meal containing fat. As a result Fat Eliminatormay be taken immediately prior to a meal with no need to wait 30 mins to 1 hour, as regular natural chitin.
Fat Eliminator is available in the stomach to complex or blend dietary fat during the course of digestion. When the contents move to the upper small intestine, the acid conditions are neutralized and the mixture of LipoSanULTRA and fat forms a gel. That gel traps the fat, protecting it from enzymes, which prevents fats from being absorbed by mucosal cells of the intestine. Laboratory data shows that one gram of LipoSanULTRA is able to prevent the absorption of up to twenty seven grams of dietary lipids, in comparison to six (6) to eight (8) grams of fat for regular chitin.

Fat Eliminator containing active ingredient LipoSanULTRA can be conveniently consumed immediately prior to the meal since it will be fully functional in such a short time and with the extra plus of NO oily discharge as usually observed with some weight loss products.

Expert Advice:

Today, more than a million people worldwide use chitin dietary supplements. Fat Eliminator is a natural, safe and effective supplement that has been shown to significantly decrease the absorption of dietary fats.

Take 1-2 Fat Eliminator capsules immediately prior to fatty meals with a glass of water.

Ingredient Details:
Magnesium Stearate, Sliica, Gelatin.

Do not use if you are allergic to shellfish.


Fat Eliminator is packed in a plastic bottle containing 120 vegetarian capsules with a tamper-evident inner seal.
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Serving per container: 60
Liposan Ultra    1000 mg    *
Vitamin C    60 mg    *

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